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Oh, hello.
Still here.

Just, you know. Working a lot. And also still trying to juggle the rest of my life…keep an eye on the cat and make sure he doesn’t start randomly bleeding again…try to figure out how to afford a wedding (oh, wait…that’s probably where the “work all the hours” part comes in)…watch a show that’s really frustrating me because now I dream about it all the time, but they’re the kind of dreams where I forget right away what they were about, and I feel cheated…

I have also reached the stage where I call the insurance adjustor and speak to them in sharp tones about why I don’t have my settlement money yet–I can’t keep paying $600-$700 bills while they drag their feet about it. They said they will try to call me within the week and let me know if they’ve made any progress getting my records from Comrade Doctor’s hospital, since apparently the people at the hospital are not being very helpful and I want very badly to use my chance at space-time manipulation to go back and tell this Dr. Rybaltowski (yes, apparently he has a real name) that I am fine and could probably even go into work… ah well.

*such angst*very frustrate*much facepalm*

Anyway, I’ve had a holiday weekend (well, a Wednesday and Thursday, but that’s good enough for me) for the first time in five years. Nice. I am about to finish it and go to bed after posting this…and dream those vague dreams again, I suppose.

Tomorrow will probably be more of Tuesday night, which was awful because we had weekend business on account of schools being out for Thanksgiving. Didn’t stop them from giving me a weekday staff to run the building.

Corporate: Why are our satisfaction scores from this date so low?
Me: Because I didn’t have enough employees.
C: Tsk tsk. You just didn’t try. Now, how can we stop this from happening again?
Me: Schedule more people.
C: Then we have to pay them for more hours worked.
Me: …yes?
C: You can do better.
Me: Um, no. I’m saving my one opportunity to bend time and space for when it’s really important.
C: That’s what the trouble is with you–misaligned priorities.
Me: *mimes shooting self*

On the upside, Jester and I went to a Mexican restaurant and had some habanero sauce that was so spicy that my face started sweating…an odd sensation for me because I don’t sweat very profusely and also because it was only my face. Like when you open an oven to look at something, and that hot air hits your face. Except without instantly drying your eyes. It was weird.

But yeah. Not looking forward to tomorrow…the Friday after Thanksgiving is always our location’s busiest day, and also the day I remember from last year as when guests were making my employees cry.

Saturday will be worse though, I think. Because I will be up at 530am and probably stay at work through the evening…*sigh*

I’ll try to remember to eat though. Not like Tuesday.

Tyler: This place is sucking out my soul.
Me: My solution? Don’t have a soul.
Tyler: You know, not all of us are fascists like you. Some of us take comfort in having souls.
Me: And in sleeping?
Blair: All I want to take comfort in is my dinner. When are we eating?
Me: Dinner? Oh… *checks time* I guess we are about to close, aren’t we? I forgot…
Blair: You forgot about eating?!
Tyler: Damn Nazis don’t need sleep OR food!
Me: I’ve been busy…
Blair: That’s true.
Me: …busy being superior.
Blair: *laughs*
Tyler: Fuck off.