Perhaps I will just move into the theatre and live in one of the projection booths. The projectors are noisy, but it’s warm up there. There’s even a couch in one of them. (Not that I *need* sleep, of course.) I’d just be missing out on showering…so…maybe not such a great plan?

I picked up some more hours though, so that’s alright. There is an orientation for our new employees on Tuesday, so I will be there for that…probably good, since it’s been five years since I was hired, and I’ve never been to an orientation since then and have no idea what they’re teaching the kids these days.

Thursday I suppose I will also be calling back the insurance adjustor if I don’t hear from them before that…

And then I need to figure out…everything. Too many things.

This has been a terrible year and I shall be glad when it is over.