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Oh, yay. December, right?

I’m going to be mad busy this month, so my posts will probably be less interesting as far as what I actually write.
On the other hand–time for more music! 😀

Because this is the part of the year where I share with you the music that I have listened to most frequently since this time last year. And while 2014 had a lot of music with sparkles and vaguely alt-rock stuff, this year looks like it has neither of those things.

Also noteworthy: this year features no songs that turned out to include incest, murder-suicide, serial killers, or rape. This year I went in a totally different questionable direction–hopefully you will forgive me.

Song 31:
Feuerengel (Unheilig)

This song appeared on my Pandora, which I’ve spent more time listening to the last few months as I work on tedious things like writing show schedules and then entering them for sale, one show at a time.

I was a little iffy on this one because I don’t know if I really fancy his voice…but content-wise, the song seemed like a companion to another one that will appear in a post for later this month. I liked that they went together so I ended up listening to this one a lot for that reason. Plus…I suppose I can admit that the idea of having an imaginary companion that you can count on to help you get through things still appeals to me. Like my conversations with my Wolf self. They’re just me talking to me, but it helps me to understand things that way sometimes.

And these constructs we make…sometimes they just give you a good feeling, like maybe there really is something looking after you. *shrugs*

It seemed hopeful, and I could use more of that.


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