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You know what’s upsetting? When you bite your tongue or lip and get a canker sore, and realize that you didn’t fully appreciate all the time you’d had where you could speak or chew without pain.

I bit my tongue a full week ago, and it’s really taking its time to heal. I’m going to put some anesthetic gel on it and go to sleep as soon as I have this posted though, so maybe that will help. (So excited to sleep and not work tomorrow.)

Song 30:
Irgendwann (Blutengel)

I liked the chorus of this song, so that’s probably the biggest reason why it ended up in my playlist this year. That, and because I have an attraction to melodrama that hones in on it whether I speak the language or not–I am pretty sure this song is being addressed to someone who is dead.

Somehow it seems less sad than most songs addressed to the dead…but I can’t decide if it’s denial about being separated, or hope that it isn’t forever. Maybe both? I don’t know. It’s ambiguous enough that it can suit more than one state of mind, and I like that.

Time to sleep.


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…30 seems to get a lot of unicorns.