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Hm. That last post, the 29 one…I tried to use the schedule feature where you can write a post, save as a draft, and then schedule it to be posted on a certain date at a certain time…

It didn’t work, which is disappointing. Or maybe I used it wrong? I’m not sure. Either way: it didn’t auto-post at noon yesterday like it was supposed to, and I don’t get why.

Also…why can I not change my time zone to correctly reflect what time I am posting things? That’s weird. I’m not the only one who thinks that…right?

Oh, WordPress…you so frustrating.

So. Song 28:
Verdammnis (Blutengel)

First, I must apologise to anyone who visits me during this music-post season, because I was extra dull this year and only listened to two bands for the most part, with a smattering of other things that I will also have to apologise for when they come up…it’s not that I don’t like lots of music…it’s just that I was feeling a particular way this year that led to my least diverse playlist yet. *shrugs* Anyway…

This song is stepping up the tempo significantly from the last one, but I think that it’s probably the saddest one so far, lyrically.
For me, it seems to have a lot to do with the feeling I used to get a lot that there was someone out there (there had to be) who was enough like me that they would understand the sort of nonsense I talk about here, and I wouldn’t have to explain myself because they would be me, and they would just know.

I’ve given up on that though. It was a nice thing to want, but that’s not how people work, is it? And if this other me is out there…well, we are like this song then. Being vaguely aware of each other, but always missing each other or always just out of reach of this other self.

I am content, I suppose, with not finding another me. At least the effort of looking made me some good friends. And I found Jester.

Still…it’s a nice thing to want…


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