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Ahh…I’m scared. I hired two people. I’ve never hired anyone before. It’s terrifying.

What if you were totally wrong about them and they turn out badly? What if the other staff d managers don’t like them? Or…what if you don’t hire them and they really needed the job? *collapses under the stress of having even that small amount of control over someone else’s life*

Anyway. Music is now.

Song 29:
Les Iles Noires (Rome)

So, this song has been in my end-of-year playlist before, and while my fiancé might tell me I need to broaden my musical horizons…I’m not sorry.

It’s a good song. It still strikes me as a perfect musical embodiment of chilly, rainy day. But I also feel a little differently about it now. I think that before I was hearing more sadness in the song than anything else. That’s not all there is though. Of course not.

It’s like…this song is the feeling after something bad has happened. And you pause and wait to see if it is coming back, or if it is really done happening so you can collect your thoughts and decide what to do next. It still leans more towards melancholy, but this strikes me now as a song for that time between ups and downs. Because it has some little bit of hope, I think. Just…like when you see the sun on a rainy day, you don’t know if it’s staying or just poking out for a second.

(Look at me, trying to put a positive spin on all of my songs…I shouldn’t congratulate myself yet though, since it’s just day 3 eh?)


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