Awesome. As soon as I post this, I’ll be back on track for my countdown. Yay. ^_^

And I’m glad I wrote it in advance, because it’s time to go to bed already.

…tomorrow was going to be a nice Saturday off work, but we had a lot of crew requesting off and some shifts we couldn’t get filled. And I still need just a little over $500 to get me back on track from the kitty’s September medical bills.

Didn’t hear from the blasted insurance adjustor…must call them on…Wednesday? Idk. And also email the wedding planner (tomorrow night) about a fee I forgot to ask about…aaaaand I need to figure out what to include on a wedding invite so I can order those, too.

I require a minion that I can delegate all these tasks to. But I can’t afford a minion… *considers* Do you suppose there are minions out there that would do my bidding simply to further the interests of the dark side? Like…volunteering, but for evil? Hmm.

Music now.

Song 27:
Kaiser Wilhelm Siegesmarsch (sort of)

I have to apologise. Again. For this…

There was a weird string of events that led to me finding a block of march music that my Wolf got really excited about, and insistent that some of the songs were really familiar to us…I haven’t been able to dissuade that him or prove him wrong (and I did try), so we just kept on listening.

This was one of the ones we got to liking a lot. Except not really.
The block of songs I started with wasn’t split into tracks, and the person who uploaded them didn’t do as great a job as I’d thought…because while they listed time marks for each song, the listing goes from the Badenweiler Marsch (which we also liked, but not as much) to the Kaiser Wilhelm Siegesmarsch, but there is a minute and a half of music in between that doesn’t seem to belong to either march. That little bit of mislabeled music was was the initial thing that got Wolf so excited because it sounds like music that he swears up and down we’ve heard on a carousel, but I don’t know what it belongs to.
I’ve tried sifting through all the troll comments on the youtube I was originally listening to, and I’m not the only one puzzled by this bit of unlabeled music, so that’s nice (I guess). People who want us to think they know what they’re talking about just keep saying it’s from a different version of Badenweiler Marsch, but I have doubts about that. I’ve listened to lots of recordings to try and find the one with that bit of carousel sounding music, and I can’t find it anywhere.


But…the pause in between the end of that mystery music and this march is so small as to be easily ignored though, and this accounts for most of the track that I’ve been listening to and enjoying for the past year.

The story about how I ended up listening to this stuff belongs with a later post…but…I’ve been trying so hard this year to stop being so angry all the time (not sure it’s worked), and this music with the ridiculous association to the carousel makes me feel happier. *shrugs*

Don’t judge me too harshly.


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