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The people at the shop looked at my car today, and IT HAS OIL IN IT.
Wth is happening? The engine oil fairy paid me a visit? The tow driver decided to be a secret santa and put oil in my car? My boss and I are dumb and can’t figure out how to check oil levels???

I have no idea.

They couldn’t reproduce the noise it was making yesterday, but they’re going to put it up and have a look at a few more things tomorrow, because it could be a serpentine belt making the noise…

I’m just wanting all this nonsense to stop. Sooo…I’ll be driving dad’s car for a day or so, quietly cursing Volvo for designing such a monstrosity. Except for the heated seats. But that’s about it.

Now, I give you another embarrassing musical selection.

Song 22:
Westerwald Lied (?)

Omg. What is the matter with me? I have an overpowering desire to hide my face, which is completely stupid because you can’t even see me.

This is another track that came from that block of march music that I got inexplicably excited about. And while the version I’ve been listening to is a march version of the song, it’s originally a folk song about the Westerwald mountains in Germany.

I haven’t been able to root out the date of this particular recording, or who recorded it…but I’ve been poking around and am crossing my fingers that someone on the internet knows and will stop trolling people about Nazis long enough to tell me. Because that seems to be the consensus about the recording so far (surprise!–something the online neo-nazis and the anti-neo-nazis can agree on), but I suspect they’re both wrong.
The recording sounds cleaner than a lot of other things dated to the 1940s, but it’s definitely not clean enough to be from the last few decades, either. My guess is that it falls somewhere in the 50s-60s, but I can’t find this specific version on any of the legitimate platforms where I would normally go to listen to music. Only on the youtube channels of sketchy people. *sigh*

All that aside though…

This song…

It’s so happy.
So. Happy.

It’s the sort of song that also makes us happy…and then it gets all weird, because instead of raging and setting things on fire, my Wolf self is running all around being like, “omg! They sound so happy! I wanna be happy too! Yay, music and things!”


And I’m like, “you look ridiculous.”
Wolf: Don’t even care! *listens to the song a hundred times in a row*


So, yeah. I guess that’s all the excuse I have for myself.

…I just want to feel happy sometimes, and I’m not good at it. So this kind of thing happens. x_x


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