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This is dumb.

So…apparently the oil that got put in my car last week was a type that was too thin for the model car I drive. Resulting in low oil pressure and the system thinking it’s out of oil…

Doesn’t explain why my boss and I didn’t see any when we checked. (Maybe we’re both idiots after all?)

Oh well. Getting my car back tomorrow, and dad offered to pay for the new, correct oil that they put into it. That’s nice of him. I wish it had been done right the first time though. *sigh*

Song 21:
Vergissmeinnicht (Eisbrecher)

Aww. This was my number one song the first year I started keeping track of these. ❤

I always think that’s weird though, since at that point I had definitely given up on learning anything at all about another language. But something about this song reached out and grabbed me…and I don’t feel that connection to it so much anymore, but I still listen to it a lot.

I think…when I first it, I thought that the way the song was arranged fit in well with a lot of other things I liked at the time, even if I didn’t understand it. Learning what the words meant only made me like it more, because waaaaaay back in the beginning of 2011 I was trying to let a lot of things go…a relationship that didn’t work out, a friendship that I couldn’t see how to repair…the fact that I’d bothered to go to college and then spent a year and a half after graduation without a job, and then was only finding minimum wage work…

It was unhappy for me. A mixture of wanting to let go of or extricate myself from all the badness…and also wanting someone to come along and stick with me…tell me it wasn’t all my fault.
But I couldn’t express myself properly about what I wanted at the time, so I found an aggressive sounding song in a different language to do it instead. *shrugs*


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