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I interviewed another prospective employee today. Pretty sure I want to hire her, too. And that I should maybe find a way to shorten my interviews…because I want them to be natural enough than I can gauge the honesty of the answers to the questions I ask, but that’s hard to do in a quick way.

Especially when one is interviewing high schoolers. They don’t know how to interview efficiently either because they’ve never worked anywhere.

Anyway, bed now. And a song for you.

Song 20:
Wir Götter Der Stadt (Rome)

This song is pretty. The music has a lot of ebb and flow in it, which is probably why I’ve listened to it so much…it’s got a lot going on to keep my interest.

The only thing I really don’t like about this song after too many listens is the female vocal. It’s probably not that obnoxious, but…you know how sometimes there is a detail that you never noticed before, and then one day, BAM! there it is, making a thing you loved suddenly intolerable?


There was one day where I remember the song popping up on my drive home and that vocal was the ONLY sound I could focus on. That stupid backing vocal. I haven’t really listened to this version since then (there is an older recording that doesn’t have it), but…it took the better part of the year for that detail to register with me and become intolerable. It wouldn’t be on this list otherwise.

Aside from the back-and-forth intensity of the music, the other thing I liked about this song is that I haven’t been able to assign it a satisfactory meaning. Like…it’s one of those songs that, with only a vague notion of its context in the album it appears on, I can’t really guess at what it was supposed to be “about”…so it’s got a quasi-mysterious, can’t-put-my-finger-on-it quality that makes it more interesting to me.

Also noteworthy: this was probably what was responsible for the number of songs by Rome that are going to appear in my next few posts. Because I clicked on this one and learned that, for this band at least, most of the vocals are still in English, even if the titles aren’t.

(And then at some point I guess I stopped caring about whether they were in English or not…oh well.)


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