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Hey guys. Before we do music today, I want to tell you about my friend, Toni. Toni is an awesome, tiny human who sometimes visits graveyards with me and we look at tombstones and paint pictures…and sometimes we sit around and eat doughnuts on the steps of her apartment or play wwii strategy games with her other friends (I didn’t realize just how intense and competitive she gets about games until she told me to stfu while she’s thinking, and doesn’t my country have enough funds that I can go buy some whores to keep me busy for a while? Pbbbbbbt 😛 ).

She wants to be a mortician someday, but in the mean time, she is a server at my old theatre and trying to work her way through college. Toni’s done a lot for herself, considering she’s had minimal outside help from her family during the entire time I’ve known her…but I know what her job is like and I know what she does (or doesn’t) usually make…so I feel compelled to ask you to help me help her.

My cat had bladder stones in September, and his vet bills consumed both of my paychecks from that month. Her cat Derp–a 5 year old tuxedo cat just like my own kitty–also got to make an emergency hospital trip and have surgery a few days ago for the same problem. Fortunately, Derp’s surgery was a success…but she’s having trouble paying for it. And I want to help her so much, but I won’t be able to until next month because of my own stretched finances.  😦

So, in the mean time, I figured I would post the link to where she is trying to raise money to cover the bills and put Derp on the same special diet my cat has.


Obviously, we are not made of money here, and you don’t know Toni or Derp, so I can’t expect you to take an interest in this ordeal…but I figured there was no harm in inviting you to help me help my friend, since the general rule seems to be that we internet citizens like cats a lot. And you seem like nice people, so maybe you will consider it, which is still kind of you.

Thanks very much for tolerating me making this post. And for tolerating all of my posts, generally.

Now, music.

Song 17:
To Die Among Strangers (Rome)

This song has such pretty violins.

Like a lot of Rome songs that I enjoy, there’s a lot happening in this song…the violins, the pretty guitars, the unidentifiable twinkly sound…

I think I’ve said before that this one is a like to hear when there are dramatic clouds (a preference caused by my listening-while-driving), and that is still true. It has the peculiar effect of making both the song and the image more satisfying…a sort of magical occurrence, which I am always really excited about when it happens.

It’s kind of sad, in context of the song though…the speaker being (it seems) about to be executed for treason. The idea of looking at a sky with perfect clouds seems alternately cruel and sad in that circumstance. Probably a feeling one gets from being conditioned since childhood to expect nature to empathise with us–if we are sad, obviously it should be raining.

I don’t know. Besides having pretty music, the story makes it one of those songs that’s nice for someone like me who likes to constantly imagine the same upsetting things over and over again with little alterations.


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