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I’m too sleepy to say much just now…fortunately, I have some pre-written music posts to get me through the next few days, since I’m sure I will not have adequate time to eat or sleep or breathe because of Star Wars.

…also, if you read an entertainment article about Quentin Tarantino saying that Disney is threatening theatres unless they do what Disney says regarding Star Wars, that is true. That is a real thing.

So…yeah. Happiest corporation on earth? Probably. They just don’t want anyone else to be happy.

Now, on to my most questionable music selection of 2015.

Song 15:
Parademarsch der Legion Condor (Wehrmacht Musikkorps)

Yep. This was also a thing for me this year.

Somehow it even made it all the way to #15 out of 31 songs. Not sure I have a good explanation for that. For how I came across it? Sure. Just…not to justify the number of times this song got played.

Possibly because I was so puzzled at first that the music collection this came from (not the block I found on youtube, but a legitimate vintage compilation) had a label noting that it was “STRICTLY FOR NON POLITICAL USE”.

I didn’t understand at first, why that was a thing. Although the least Wolfish side of me was really nervous about that label…which Wolf me thought was ridiculous.

Me: Are you sure we should download this…?
Wolf: …why do you ask?
Me: Well…it says…
Wolf: Yeeeeees? What about it?
Me: I don’t know. Just…maybe they put you on a watch list if you download this?
*Wolf-me falls down, laughing*

Honestly. Sometimes I am too dumb to be tolerated.

Buuut…I can blame my curiosity about this song on another Rome song, because he used a sample from a recording of the Parademarsch der Legion Condor, and I was intrigued. So I went looking for the song in the sample. I didn’t find the one Rome used. In that version, they don’t leave out the laughter of the Devil in the chorus part, and it’s much creepier with that left in.
Still, this was definitely the song I was trying to find…I just couldn’t get over how happy the musical opening and closing of the song sounded.

And that’s when my Wolf had his epiphany that this march sounded like carousel music, and wouldn’t it be fun to find out if there was more of it out there?

Granted, when I got interested in Rome’s music, I didn’t know what themes they tended to choose for songs or albums…they’d been introduced to me as a Goth band, which isn’t really fitting now that I know their music better…and the particular album I got started on was Flowers From Exile, which was written around the theme of the Spanish Civil War, another subject which I knew nothing about.

So I went around and started doing some reading. And I’ve since come to the conclusion that out of all the march music I’ve been enjoying this year, this particular song is also one of the most likely to offend someone who knows the tune, but doesn’t know what version of the song it is, because the tune was later claimed by the SS for one of their marches. (Possibly, this is why that Rome album has an “Explicit” label, since there’s literally nothing else questionable about it.)

I suppose…I must confess I have an SS version of the song in my music collection, too…and the difference between the two recordings is striking. Where this one sounds like it’s at least trying to be enthusiastic, the SS recording is…dirge-like? The recording is inferior in quality to the Legion Condor’s, and it’s creepier because instead of a marching band version, the one I found has an accordion accompaniment. I was cross about that because I like accordion music a lot, and this recording just makes it sound creepy), what with the faint echo in the recording.

(Fun fact: in college, I had an audio recording class with a really annoying professor who assigned us a paper once where we had to choose a song that had multiple versions either by the same artist/band, or across different decades…and we were supposed to compare the way that different recording techniques or different ways the audio was manipulated changed the sound of the song…Wolf has been rather disappointed that we can’t go back and troll that professor by using this song for the project. 😛 )

Overall, it’s been an interesting catalyst for me learning more about history. I’m just embarrassed that I took such a liking to the music. That wasn’t something I planned on. x_x”


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