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Omg, Star Wars. x_x


Song 14:
Swords to Rust (Rome)

This song is so pretty. If you don’t want to listen to it, just do an image search for sunrises. I may have said it about this song last year, but the sunrise pictures are almost like hearing the song, except in picture form. It’s lovely.
The yellow and red toned ones are probably what I would most associate with this song. Probably because of the fire in it, and because red and gold are the colours specifically mentioned.

Note: don’t use the actual words from the song as your search terms…think “golden sunrise” and not “golden dawn”, because if you search for the latter, you are probably not getting pictures of clouds and skylines.

Or, to avoid that blunder, one could search for art deco sunbursts. Not as grand to look at, but I think of those sometimes when I hear this song…and it is the proper art style for the era Flowers From Exile was invoking.

Or one could just listen to the song, because this one can probably even be enjoyed by people who aren’t me.

They’d maybe need to excuse the old timey audio clip, which is a bit more aggressive than the ones in most of the Rome songs I’ve shared…but it’s short, so it doesn’t detract from the overall loveliness of the song.

And that is why I like this one. Yes, there’s fire, and my Wolf always likes that…and yes, there seems to be a more easily discernible intention as to what this song is “about”, which I think my last post shows that I’ve already demonstrated an interest in…but for this song, those things are all secondary to the warm, red-gold glow of the music.


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