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So much Star Wars…I’m exhausted and I’m not even at work yet.

Anyway, more music for you.

Song 13:
The Accidents of Gesture (Rome)

I’d apologise again for sharing songs from such a small pool of musicians this year…but as I’m listening through them and getting closer to my top 10, I’m really not sorry.

This is some good music, and I am pleased to share it with you. 😀

I think my favourite aspect of this one is the way it gives the impression of increasing intensity around 2:00 and 2:47. The beat doesn’t really appear until that 2:00 point, which is interesting, and the instrumentation gets more varied at 2:47…it’s a good way to keep a longer song interesting (and I do tend to favour long songs), especially as this one starts out so slowly.

As with a lot of songs I like from this band though, I have difficulty understanding the intended context. It’s easier to understand without knowing the translations of the spoken parts, but I was able to find them for this song, and they puzzle me…with the Spanish bit declaring that the war is over, and then in German, a bit about carting one’s entire world around in a suitcase…?

All the more reason to keep reading and trying to learn enough that I can figure it out, I suppose. Which would be hard even if I understood the context, because I can’t figure out who the speaker in the song is addressing, either. Different people in each verse? It is hard to tell. A vague “you”, but one that the speaker doesn’t seem to have a single, specific attitude toward. He seems cynical, but then keeps saying they belong together…I suppose the line about love wanting to be both gentle and cruel is telling. Maybe it’s the same person.

*apologises to everyone after all, except this time about this stupid tendency to think of songs the way the English professors made us think about poetry*

Sorry, sorry. I didn’t receive real-world training in college. Just, you know, the ability to wonder about things and never actually come to a conclusion. Because that skill will be useful. *sarcasm*

Still, it’s a good song. You should listen.


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