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Yesterday, some child of a troll was going around our theatre, asking people if they’d seen the new Star Wars movie yet, and if they said they hadn’t, he told them the ending. How do I know he was doing that? Because he told two other people and then me. And then got told that if he didn’t shut his mouth, I’d be asking him to leave.

It was also a new record for our busiest day ever. And now that I’ve slept for 5 hours, it seems it’s time for me to go back and do it again.

I can’t wait for this weekend to be over.

Song 12:
Querkraft (Rome)

This video is slightly mislabeled, since there aren’t multiple versions of this song (that I know of).

Also…and I should have noted this sooner…I want to note that videos that are appearing with some these Rome songs shouldn’t have any bearing on the music. This one included, because while it’s not too bad for a fan made video, I don’t know that it really allows for a listener to develop their own interpretation of the song.

It seems to have a particular direction in mind, rather than leaving it ambiguous. And I wouldn’t normally care about that, but I think it’s pretty close to going the wrong direction…
That said: the video isn’t what I care about.

The general impression I get from this song is that it’s about giving up, which the spoken clips seem to support–the German ones being about indifference, and the Italian ones about…ah…being Death and destroying souls? Mmkay. The Italian clips are pretty dark, considering that this song pretty cheerful for Rome. Maybe because sometimes giving up is what needs to be done…idk.

(“Being” Death reminds me…some time, I should remember to tell you about the rusty scythe we found at work. That’s a great story.)

It’s a nice change as far as listening goes (unless you also speak Italian and can properly appreciate what gets said there…). I also like the opera vocal that comes into the background near the end. It’s an interesting way to mark that the song is nearing its end, rather than using the shifts in instrumentation or pitch that a lot of songs use. The piano towards the end has a weird effect on it. Like it’s underwater or something. But maybe I am the only one who thinks that? Hm.


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