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So tired. Didn’t really sleep since Thursday. Gonna sleep all day tomorrow. Wheeeeeeeeeeee….zzzzzzzzzzzzz……


Song 11:
Erika (Wehrmacht Musikkorps)

Welp, as goofy as this song is…I am pleased that I was able to find the recording I’d been listening to so I could share it with you. The other, more-popular-on-youtube version has a tinny sound like it was recorded inside a metal room (maybe it was?), and I don’t like it. This version has a warmer, more listenable sound.

Whichever version we’re talking about though, it is still a goofy song about a girl named Erika…and also about a heather flower called Erica. It’s pretty sappy compared with literally anything else I have ever posted for a year-end playlist…but it falls strangely in line with a way of thinking that I have been guilty of before, where when I am separated from someone, things that remind me of them sort of become them…

It’s very bizarre, but I am reassured to know that I am not alone in thinking ridiculous things like this.

This version cuts out most of the last verse though, where things get sad and the speaker imagines that a blossom he picked to remind him of the girl is talking to him…instead it cuts straight to the part where the real Erika, not the flower, is probably at home and crying because maybe you end up dead. *shrugs*

That’s also the closest this song gets to admitting it’s a march in the lyrics, as it could easily just be a song about a girl who is being described as a flower, or a flower being described as a girl.

I think that I ended up listening to this song initially because I clicked through everything else on the album that I found the Parademarsh der Legion Condor on (so like that song, this one really is a 1930s-40s Wehrmacht recording), and it seemed tolerable and kind of fun in an old-timey way. I’ve also noticed that it’s a song they like to use a lot in WWII movies and shows, so that’s kind of fun to be like, “oh–I know this song!” and the person you say that to gives you a weird look like, “um…but why do you know this song?”

(And just for the record…I am aware of the idea that folksy songs that people could identify with were the ones that made some of the best propaganda pieces…but I think we know that’s not what I’m here to promote: I’m just sharing music that I liked before I really knew much about it, and letting you know some of what I learned through it. And so I can be sad that I turned out to be the sort of person who has a better chance of recognizing a song in a period film than on popular radio.)

Lyrics and historical placement aside, the feature of this song I found most interesting is what my brain swears is a carousel-sounding interlude that starts around 1:46. I am 100% convinced that I was familiar with that segment of the song before I ever heard this recording…and that a carousel in a mall that my family used to visit on vacation had a song that sounded like the interlude of Erika in its repertoire, although I can’t prove it because that same carousel has had its original music box replaced.

This is also the song that I used to name my new car after my accident back in May…mostly because, unlike my old cars that seemed gender-neutral and could have the names of mythological horses, my current car seems like a “girl” car.

Yay, being weird.


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