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*Thabet tells me the story of the WWI Christmas Truce. I pretend to not already know it.*
Me: That’s a good story.
Thabet: Isn’t it? It’s kind of heartwarming for your personality, but I thought you’d appreciate it anyway.
Me: Oh, I do. *an employee calls for me to come to box office* Now, let me introduce a seemingly unrelated topic.
Thabet: Just seemingly?
Me: Go to YouTube and search for something under “Sainsbury 2014 Christmas commercial”.

*I come back to the office, where Thabet is watching something on his phone with his hand over his face. The video ends and I work on my spreadsheets for a minute.*
Thabet: You could’ve told me you already knew that story.
Me: I could have. Did I make it more sad?
Thabet: Yes. That was cruel.
Me: But don’t you feel like going out and getting a chocolate bar now?
Thabet: Yes.
Me: See? That’s effective advertising. *pause* Maybe you also feel like going home and curling up in your bed and weeping while you eat said chocolate.
Thabet: Yes!
Me: Then my work here is done. Merry Christmas.

I’m not that awful though. This turned out to be a really fortuitous conversation, since I found a place that was selling little chocolate & marzipan bars, instead of the big, chocolate-covered  marzipan loafs that you need to cut…I brought one  him because so far my theatre buddy is the only one I know who also likes this stuff.

Yay, Christmas.
Now to go downstairs and do family things…

Song 7:
Der Brandtaucher (Rome)

This song gives me the opposite mind-pictures of my #18 post…rather than the reds and golds and sunrises, it’s the dark, light-consuming blue that happens at dusk. Maybe there are stars or little glittering lights far away, but mostly there is the fading away of the light.


(We can be proud of me for using pictures I took myself this time, instead of relying on image searches…)

I suppose maybe this song makes me think of that because it repeats again and again about offering one’s self to the night. Although, I am pretty sure that the overall song is less about actual darkness and more about getting killed. What with the poppies, and Rome’s usual themes.

The music makes it seem impersonal though, rather than sad…kind of just rolling over you, which I suppose is the point.

The spoken clips don’t make much sense to me in this one, with the English clip being what sounds like the blessing for Communion that I remember from growing up Catholic…I suppose that fits in with the imagery of being part of a choir or regaining faith that is a part of this song. I’m not convinced by those images though…the overall impression I get from the song isn’t so much about a genuine, faith in anything, or a conscious decision to go die…just the all-consuming darkness that comes for you, and you let it happen and go along with it because what else can you do?


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