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Ooh…almost Christmas. Well. Technically it is already.

I am not too keen about working tomorrow. Feel very tired, but that may be because I’ve been awake almost 21 hours again. I should sleep. So that I can be awake long enough for presents and food before I have to leave and stay awake all bloody night again for Star Wars fans.

I will try and feel more cheerful tomorrow. Promise.

Song 8:
Reich Mir Die Hand (Blutengel)

So, this song has an actual video, but I’ve got reservations about sharing that one…soo here is the song without the video.

I liked this song based solely on the sound of it. That there are a lot of things on fire is just an added bonus. Although since the video includes lots of vampires, all that fire does leave me with some serious questions, like “vampires, you do know you guys burn easily, right? Fire is not in your best interest…”

We’ll come back to that question in my #6 song, but that’s the only thing of importance I have to say here.

…figured there had to be some music with twinkles in it at some point or it wouldn’t be believable as a playlist of music that I liked.


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