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Time to venture out into the rain and celebrate Jester’s birthday…

Song 5:
Secret Sons of Europe (Rome)

Ah, this song is another one with really pretty sounds…I am not very familiar with Flamenco music, but I liked the elements they used for this song–the guitars and the drum style.

The end part of the song is still the best, of course. At about 2:15 is when the music picks up and blends in with the old audio clip which is of a song this time, rather than something spoken.
I haven’t been able to find anyone to answer my question about the song that appears in the clip, and I haven’t been able to find it myself either…it makes me wonder if it’s even a separate recording, or if they purposely took a part of the recording they’d made and altered it to where it would sound period-appropriate. Not sure.

Still, it’s pretty and a bit sad. You should listen.


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