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Jester’s birthday turned out really well.

I am not doing so well though. It’s cold and damp in this house, and I’m in a terrible lot of pain, but I think that if I take any more painkillers I’ll just be very sick instead…not very favorable circumstances. *probably dying*

Oh well.

Song 4:
The Sparrows and The Nightingales (Wolfsheim)

This song found me on Pandora, and unfortunately it knew my weakness for repetition…so it’s longish and kind of obnoxious for anyone who doesn’t also like that sort of thing. (Shorter versions exist, but why would I want a shorter version of an awesome song??)

I think this one came to me because Pandora was trying to figure out exactly how much I liked 80s-90s, vaguely Goth-sounding songs…and I get that. But this is turning into the only song I really like from Wolfsheim. I’ve tried to get into their music, and Jester sometimes posts their songs to my Facebook…but even the ones that I initially like, after a few listens I find that I really just don’t.

So it’s just this one. And feel the need to share because I listened to it ALL last winter and knew it would end up on this list…

Maybe I like it because the repetition is calming? That might be it. It’s harder for my Wolf to flip out and go into road-rage mode when we are driving with something like this on.

So…maybe give it a listen if you need to be calm? Idk.


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