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Work was crap today. Felt very murdery.
So glad that my black uniform hides the bloodstains.

This, too–

Paris: *radios* Hey, can you bring me the bar paperwork?
Me: Yeah. I just have to get the printer to work.
Paris: Should I sacrifice a crew member to the printer gods?
Me: Nah, I’ve got Thabet back here with me. I’ll just use him.
Thabet: What?
(He doesn’t have a radio.)
Me: I hope you didn’t have plans for later, because I’m sacrificing to the printer gods that they may smile upon us and stop jamming the stupid thing.
Thabet: I’m kind of flattered.
Me: Whaaa?
Thabet: Yeah, because you only sacrifice the best.
Me: I was thinking more about convenience. But I guess if you’re the only one around, that makes you the best.
Thabet: Ouch. Well in that case, when you push me into the volcano, I’m grabbing you and taking you down with me.
Me: And then I’ll break your face.
Thabet: Hey!
Me: Please, if you manage to make me fall into a volcano, then clearly I deserved it because I didn’t pay enough attention to the dangers of being a villain, and how to avoid them. I won’t be happy about it though.

Song 3:
A Legacy of Unrest (Rome)

This is the fourth year that this song has appeared in my year-end playlist, being #23 back in 2012, then #2 in 2013, and #1 last year.

…I think it may be safe to call this my “favourite” song, since definitely the only one to appear in the list every year since I first heard it.

I looked back at my old posts about this song, and I suppose I still like it for a lot of the same reasons–primarily the tone. This song has a different central emotion than most he music I enjoy, including the other stuff by Rome.

There is a sort of fierce devotion depicted in this song that I have always liked…all of the outrageous, biblical images and language that the speaker uses at first…and the way it transitions to resentment and threats. And the way that the music changes to make the resentment the more positive-seeming POV. It’s not what you’d expect to happen.

This is ultimately the song that pointed me in the direction of all the march music that I’ve posted for the year…A Las Barricadas starts in just as the last note trails off…but even knowing what I know now about the context of that ending, and of Rome’s thematic intentions with Flowers From Exile…this song doesn’t seem different to me. It doesn’t seem like a part of all that.

Maybe because of how I was introduced to it? (A Goth podcast.) It’s hard to fit it into any other context than the one it created in my mental landscape, because it was well over a year between when I was introduced to this song and when I first listened to anything else at all from Rome.

Not my #1 this year, but definitely a song that has a lot of meaning for me.


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