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Song 2:
Le voile de l’oubli (Rome)

This song has a good opening, but I lol’d when I listened to the song that the clip was taken from…it comes from an Italian song, Inno dei sommergibili, about fascist submariners (because of course), and it is pretty goofy sounding by comparison with what Rome did with the tune.

After listening to the original, I also get the impression that I do not enjoy the sound of Italian, which I’ve never really thought about before…but that’s enough about that.

I also like how they kind of cheated with the music in this song. It’s just the same few notes from a violin and another lower pitched string instrument playing again and again, and there’s no change in the music at any point during the song…but somehow I don’t find it boring. The lyrics never quite reach a point where it sounds like he’s singing in this song, either…it’s more of a chanting, but I think the back-and-forth between those parts and the spoken parts help mask how little variation is happening in the music.

…I’m also curious about the beat in this one, because beneath all the other sounds is the same <2 second loop of a crowd shouting. What a curious way to keep a beat. *puzzled*

Like my #3 song though, my favourite part of this one is probably the tone again. Because for me, there are two kinds of angry…hot-angry, which can’t think about things and just reacts and makes poor choices…and cold-angry which thinks and plans and which you don’t necessarily ever see.

The tone of this song reminds me of how it feels to be cold-angry.


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