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Happy near year, friends.

I hope that you will ring in 2016 more pleasantly than I will, as I try to appease the crowds on yet another busy holiday night.

Song 1:
Das Feuerordal (Rome)

I was surprised to find this was my most listened to song this year. And also at how late in the year (like, the end of November) I bothered to check up on the lyrics and realised I was mishearing a lot of them.

I’m not altogether sure how I feel about this song after learning the correct lyrics…but the general topic of the song is still pretty much the same…that it’s safer to not love because so many things go wrong…but I can’t help but feel like that’s not all this song is saying.

It’s like I’m missing something about it now…can’t quite pin it down…

There is a sound that appears throughout the song, and I can’t tell if it’s a sound of water or if it is some other sound that’s just been distorted. I keep coming back to it and wondering if that’s a part of what I’m not getting now, but I don’t know.

Naturally, this makes it seem like a lame song to end my countdown on, but that means I can keep listening to it and trying to puzzle out what’s happening here all through 2016. 😀

And now that this countdown is ended, we can return to my sporadic posts about pets, books, work at the theatre, and jokes about fascism.


Previous #1 Songs

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