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OMG. The hospital where I was treated by Comrade Doctor wants me to sign some paperwork and agree to a lien because the car insurance company is still not paying them.

Come on, car insurance. It’s been almost eight months. If they don’t pay by mid-February, then, you know…babies will have been born that hadn’t even been thought of yet when this accident happened.

That’s too damn long for them to reach a settlement. My Wolf has been mentally rehearsing all of the things he wants to say when we call them on Monday and find out when they’re paying out this stupid money. I want back the $600 I already paid to get the medic transport off my back about their money, and I want them to pay Comrade Doctor’s hospital the $4000 they’re still owed…but I want it to be done in a way that doesn’t involve seizing my car or garnishing my wages.

Because that’s how you get treated when someone else hits you and mashes your car up like this:

I’m trying to be calm though. I really am. (It’s going badly, but that isn’t for lack of trying.) I tried some reading, and it got to be a little depressing and I had to put it away. I also determined that the weird little sound I kept hearing was my pocket watch–that’s how quiet it was here, that I could hear it ticking over on the end of my desk. I think it is sitting on a thing that amplifies the sound in a weird way though, so maybe it’s not that quiet. Still.

I started thinking about them in a more general way though, and about my little watch collection…I like to think that maybe in the case of the more worn one, the previous owner would get that same feeling I have sometimes, where we just put them to our ears and listen for a moment and feel contented for no reason other than because the watches sound like little alive things, and it’s kind of fascinating.

I don’t know. I like that about analogue watches and clocks…that you can just look or listen to them and they’re kind of mesmerising, and don’t give me that vague anxiety that I feel when I’m watching a digital clock ticking seconds away…because I know exactly how many seconds I just wasted in looking at the numbers tick up, whereas I don’t know on an analogue one unless I am paying attention…


I love that watch. I need to get him a new crystal eventually though…when I’m not being threatened by the hospital’s attorneys anymore. *sigh*

I’m not pleased about work right now, either…I think one of our other managers fucked something up, and now some of our employees won’t get taxed correctly on their paychecks for the last two months of 2015…and I’m worried that our corporate office will penalise the employees by essentially forcing them to report the wages on checks that they’re getting for 2016 when it happened last year. That sucks, and it isn’t their fault…but I can’t not report it, right?
I hate it because on one hand, that’s a thing I’m good at…noticing other people’s fuckups when I’m looking at those details that nobody ever pays attention to in our paperwork…but on the other hand, I don’t like the idea that I found something that is going to do more harm than good for the people involved.

(Aaand I’m kind of pissed because a similar thing happened to me, too…I’m getting my Christmas Eve holiday pay tacked onto my first 2016 check because someone failed to add it to the paycheck it should have been on. Wth is the matter with my coworkers?)

We’re only 2 days into 2016 and they’ve both been crap so far.
This year had better get it together because I’m not putting up with this sort of nonsense for 363 more days.

On a less “I-want-to-hurt-people” note, I have a serious question for you other citizens of the blogosphere…how do you decide to follow a blog? Like…you look for people who have similar interests, or with whom you are able to strike up a conversation………right?

Is that not how it’s done?

I STILL keep getting people with obnoxious “self-actualisation” blogs, or “positive-attitude” blogs following me, and I don’t have any idea why. I am not interested in those things, and I still suspect they’re just adding every blog they encounter to try and increase their own traffic…it’s annoying.

And then there’s the blog that decided to follow me a few days ago, and whose profile links back to an Anarchist website. I think they didn’t read the post where I used that tag, or they’d realise I have nothing to offer them in their quest to spread their worldviews…

But seriously–when you follow a blog that you don’t even care about, doesn’t it clutter up your reader? Why would you waste your time like that? I’m truly baffled.