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I don’t know about this movie industry. For 18 days straight we get trampled under the sneakers and winter boots and stiletto heels of the masses, and then BAM. It’s over.

And then I got drafted to work at one of our other locations today. The only one of the four which I had never set foot inside, but had heard so much bad about…

I hated it.

They said they needed another manager, but they certainly did not. I did literally nothing all evening, while the other manager worked on their inventory and their box office cashier talked to me about horror films and I willed myself to not ask to be dismissed.

I did try and catch up on the guest complaint emails that we’d accumulated over the holidays…and texted back and forth with Tyler about which ones he’d already contacted…but that still only took me two hours. Trying to find enough to occupy me for the rest of my shift was agonizing. I did help the two managers (Omg! there were TWO other managers there until 7! TWO!) find where to order gift card holders though, because it was infuriating me too much to listen to them go back and forth about where we order that item from, and just keep being wrong about it. Like they’d never ordered from that guide before when I know they have to have done…

They even had the nerve to doubt me about it…but I am trying to be forgiving because they do not know better.

Still. I never want to go back to that building.

For all of these reasons, but also because it is one of those movie theatres that I find aesthetically repulsive. Sure…it’s new and clean looking…but it was a building our company adopted, so it has more of that “modern” look that some theatre chains have which dump entirely the little design features and accessories that, while updated, are meant to throw back to the cinema styles of the 40s-50s.
It’s kind of dumb, but I like that about my home theatre and the one I started at. Not this adopted, 90s-00s style building with grey wallpaper and black seats instead of red.


Oh well. *yawn*
Been emailing also about wedding invites and what time we are actually allowed to start bringing in people to set up at the church…

I sincerely wish that I’d had the 6 more months I’d asked for to plan and get stuff sorted out with my accident situation. And that the stupid person who hit me had just left his house 10 minutes earlier. And (okay, so three wishes…I do get three, right?) that stupid, frustrating things would just STOP happening to me because I can’t stand it.