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Thabet: Mike was pretty mad when he found out we had two bibs of expired blue Icee…
Me: So he made you drink them both as punishment?
Thabet: What?! Hell no! You’d die if you drank that much Icee!
Me: But the important thing is that you’d never do it again–
Thabet: That’s like punishing a kid for smoking by making them smoke a whole pack of cigarettes!
Me: Sounds like a fine way to teach a lasting lesson.
Thabet: Oh my god! This isn’t the 1940s!
Me: People here just keep telling me that…

Because when I don’t know what to do, I just ask myself, “what would Donald Duck’s solution be?” Pbbbbt. 😛

Also, I never noticed it before, but this was on the last page of that Thunderhead book I’d been reading.


I think that my copy came from the run of this book printed in the 80s…but…how fortunate that I can read, eh? I couldn’t find a quick statistic about literacy rates from that year to see how wide of the mark this fear was though.

I also really want to read the third book in this series (Green Grass of Wyoming), which I just learned exists. *cries because there are so many good books and not enough time*

And now…time for bed so I can call the auto insurance adjustor again and follow up on when they’re paying me so I can pay Comrade Doctor and the medic transport.  *exasperated*