All of my employees today: angst. Angst. ANGST. ANGST! ANGST!!!!!!
Me: *bursts into flames* SHUT UP!

I swear, this is just getting too stupid. As fond as I am of looking back at my own late-teens/early-twenties self and thinking, “Gee, I sure wasn’t an idiot!”, I can only do it so frequently before it stops being fun and starts to really annoy me. My employees need to grow up.

And, as much as I’d like to punish them for all this dumb that they’re bringing into the theatre with them, they’re not technically doing anything that qualifies for punishment…just annoying me with their whining. *sighs*

Auto insurance still isn’t ready to settle, either, so I was cross all day. Calling them again tomorrow. And every day. Until I get my money. Because I just want it to be over.