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I was reading this book, right? Not one that I might’ve chosen for myself, but a book that I was gifted…so, you know…impossible to know whether I’ll like it or not.

It turns out to be alright…nothing amazing, although I was intrigued by the method of storytelling. Starting at one point, then going waaaay back to explain how we got there, and then forging ahead again and chasing down side stories along the way. And doing it all without first person, which is where you usually see those tactics.

Overall, the story is about a princess whose mother may have been a witch…but she died, and nobody was really sure. So nobody likes the girl, but they can’t be that mean to her because, you know. Princess.

Girl turns out to be super interested in dragons and (what is essentially) science, so she learns to make fire-proof ointment and goes out and slays dragons. And eventually slays the biggest and baddest dragon…and then decides that when people still don’t like her, the only way to win them over is to stop the evil demons threatening to invade the kingdom…

On her quest, she saves an old horse who is her bff, and she meets another vaguely magic person who helps her on her quest, and she falls in love with him…and has wild animal companions who help her…but at the end, after she saves her kingdom, the king dies anyway and she decides to stay in the kingdom where everyone disliked her, and marry this guy who they decided would be the next king (because of course she couldn’t just become the next ruler) and help rebuild the kingdom…and she hopes she will forget about all the awesome things she did, and about her magic powers, and about the guy she fell in love with…

And she gets her wish!

The very last line of this book is: “…for the not quite mortal part of her did sleep, that she might love her country and her husband.”

Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! It doesn’t even say kingdom–definitely says country.

That is a very fifties sounding end (despite that this book was written just a few years before I was born). That’s nice, dear, about you slaying dragons and having adventures, but really the proper behaviours for young women include being wifey and patriotic .

I really wanted to like that book, up until the end line. Now I don’t even know if I can bear to read it again.


Well, hopefully my next entry will have something good in it about my auto insurance settlement. Keep your fingers crossed, yeah?