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Anyone ever read a book called Eragon? Boy adopts a dragon egg that was magicked to him in the middle of the woods, and then he and his blue dragon find themselves on the way to becoming the only ones who can defeat the evil king (whose dragon is black, of course)?

…it is not a good book if you’ve gotten to the point where you need more details to help you suspend your disbelief. It’s the kind of thing I always worried about if I ever managed to complete anything I’ve ever tried to write (aha, and there we have the real reason I never finish any of my stories…because I am pretty certain that it will suck).

I don’t know how I managed to get through Eragon and then also read the second book…but I couldn’t even get 100 pages in this time. Definitely getting rid of them. Which makes me a little sad, because just the idea that there are books out there that aren’t good makes me sad…but hey, maybe the used bookstore will at least give me a few dollars, since my copy of the second one is a first edition. Hm.

Also, what’s with that as a fantasy trope, anyway? Boy (usually) finds and adopts a dragon with whom he finds he has a psychic connection? How did that become a sub-category within the fantasy genre? And how come only the orphaned dragons are getting adopted? Why not the spindly unicorn foals? Fuzzy griffon cubs? Squidgy little kelpies?

All those poor mythical babies not getting adopted because they’re not dragons

Imma attribute this to other mythical creatures being grossly undervalued in the fantasy genre. It’s all, dragons this, and dragons that.

I should someday start again on that ridiculous story about the evil unicorn, Æthelred the Black…

And just try really hard to not be as bad as Eragon