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I shouldn’t take naps so late. Because now I’m bored. Not tired (although I should definitely go to sleep so I can get up for work on time…), but not really interested in doing much else, either.

Started reading another book that I haven’t read since college…Death: A Life. It’s a ridiculous memoir of Death (as in the personification of that phenomena), drawn largely from Milton’s Paradise Lost. I remember thinking before that it would probably not be funny to anyone who hasn’t read much Renaissance/Restoration literature. Pretty sure on this second reading that I’m right.

Buuuut…as enjoyable as the story is, I got bored with the activity of reading and put it away. And then sent emails to people who haven’t gotten back to me about stuff for the wedding. Important stuff. Like, oh…the invitations that still aren’t sent, even though we have barely a hundred days (how terrifying) until the date. And whether or not the pastor and his wife are even available to, you know, preside over the ceremony.

…I’m pretty sure that if I neglected to respond to a customer in over a week, I’d be in trouble. And all I’m doing is selling movie tickets and popcorn, not, you know, delaying information or items that are important to a life-changing event for my customer. *grumpy*

What do I know.