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Alright. So things aren’t so bad, I guess. Kind of meh though, all together.

The pastor and his wife are available for our wedding date after all, and will be having an info session soon that the office person (who finally closed an email with her name so that I don’t have to ask, “oh, and who are you, btw?”) recommends we go to…

I’m going to be anxious about that though, since I’m already asking for a lot of days off and I don’t want to find out at the last minute when it is and not have enough time for us to request off from work. Bah.

The invitations aren’t going to be shipped until the 11th though, which is frustrating. I wanted to give people more time to respond, but…whatever. I’ll just have to start collecting addresses so that they can get sent off right away. Again, bah.

I missed work today because I woke up just after 9am and was in some pretty incredible pain that, over the next hour, transformed into pain and the exciting possibility of vomiting everywhere because the pain was so bad…I hate it when it does that. Like, if I’m going to vomit I’d rather just get it over with and not spend the next two hours on the edge of my seat (or bed, or trash can…) wondering if it is or isn’t going to happen. But that’s how my morning went, and it spoilt my sleep more than that nap did, and around 1130 I decided I couldn’t go to work because I didn’t know if or when it would stop…so I called my boss and he said he’d put a sick day in for me. :/

I went back to sleep around noon, and woke up at 4ish again, feeling better.

So my day was pretty awful in terms of what I did…I mean, I never even got out of bed until 6ish when I was really sure I was feeling better and could get up and move around like a human and eat food again…

And then we get to the one shining, good thing that happened.

My check arrived today from the auto insurance company, which means I have enough now to pay the bills incurred from Comrade Doctor’s suspicion that I had brain damage (I should feel better about it when I consider how that has so far been the only time anyone’s ever come to such a conclusion within minutes of meeting me…right? Right? D:) and from the medic transporters who were so nice to me even though I was freaking out about the IV.

And I even have enough left over to bump my bank account back to right around where it was before the accident and the buying a new car and the emergency surgeries for my kitty…

My Wolf has that little glittering, triumphant look in his eye.
I feel like I’ll need that when we actually go to pay the bills on Thursday…I don’t know how much people in billing tend to berate you when you pay this late at the hospital. I imagine there will be at least some berating. *winces*

But it will be over soon, yeah? That’s the important bit. And then I can focus on the next unpleasant thing that I must do. Like…taxes. Ugh.