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Finished reading my book about Death…lolz…
Now I’m reading in my old college textbooks again. And you may be asking, “um, why didn’t you sell them back?” A very good question.

You may be unfamiliar with how college textbooks make money, but a big part of it is by publishing a new anthology or revised anthology every year or every other year, and where literature is concerned, that renders your copy of the previous version useless because it has different page numbers and selections from the one your professor is building your assignments from. So I kept some of them because materials from Norton are ridiculously expensive, and they’d maybe give me three dollars back for them at the end of the year. Why not read some of the selections again, eh?

So I’m reading The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, and remembering that I wrote maybe three papers about how much I hated the main character and why he deserved to be carried away by demons at the end…

On the upside though, I persuaded my theatre buddy to read it, which is an accomplishment, I think, since he’s not really the reading type.

…and then again, his reading it did mean that we had this conversation.

Thabet: So, he’s like, summoning demons with pentagrams and whatever, right?
Me: Something like that. Except that Mephistopheles said the real reason he appeared was because he heard Faustus praying to Satan and thought, “hey–a soul I could claim!”
Thabet: Huh. *pause* Well, I was wondering if that worked with summoning other creatures.
Me: Oh? Who are you summoning?
Thabet: Say I have to open with Don again, and he’s late. I was thinking that could be useful to summon you to open the building.
Me: Me? Why not just summon Don?
Thabet: Because he’s not an evil spirit.
Me: I’m gonna pretend to not be offended, but okay.
Thabet: Yep. I’d just take a salt shaker and make a circle of swastikas in the lobby…
Me: Omg. Well, if I ever find myself inexplicably flying through the ether against my will, then I’ll know what to expect when I arrive at work. You’d be getting a write up though.
Thabet: For the swastikas?
Me: I was going to say it was for waking me up early and summoning me to work in my jammies, but I’d probably give you a separate one for your salt vandalism.
Thabet: Aw, man…