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We went and bought our wedding set today. Woo.

They’re sending the bands to be sized, and then I’ll pick them up later this month….pretty terrifying, eh?

In other news: Jester took me to a karaoke thing at a place across from the apartment. And then I had to try and explain to someone that I really don’t know very many popular songs…like, the tune might be familiar, but I definitely don’t know the words or the inflections.

I mean, consider this scenario from yesterday.

We were waiting to clean an auditorium after Hail, Caesar!, and watching the credits scroll through, as we usually do…and then Thabet goes: That looks like a song you’d know.

Me: What song?
Thabet: That really long, German-looking title.
Me: That’s pretty presumptu–oh, wait! I know that one though!
Thabet: What?! You’re not serious, are you?
Me: *excited* But I am!
Thabet: Which one?
Me: Varschavianka.
Thabet: What’s that?
Me: Russian. *pause* Congratulations on being present for the one time I see a song that I already know in the end credits.
Thabet: *laughs* For real?
Me: For real. We’ll listen to on when we close on Sunday.
Thabet: Right on.

Aaaaand that, comrades, is among the many reasons why I don’t do karaoke.