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I got drafted again to work at one of our other locations, and I was only supposed to be there for a few hours…but…the team for that building didn’t show up to close until after their doors were locked. Wth.

So I only got one day off this week. That’s rude.

I have a life, too, you know. Even if it does consist of just a lot of driving back and forth across town to see Jester, or sitting around at home reading or waiting for people to email me back about the wedding. (Or sleeping. Think of all the sleep I’m missing out on!)


Oh well. I guess I shall try to not complain so that my boss will continue to have a good opinion of me. But still…it’s nice to be asked instead of simply assigned to work an extra day.

Also…subject change. We got another manager at my building last week.
Brandi and I worked together at my old theatre–well, actually…all the managers at my current theatre worked at the old one together…it’s weird–but despite everyone having known me for a decent amount of time, and knowing what I really sound like, nobody has mentioned the really subtle fake accent I’ve been cultivating at work over the past year.

I’ve been working really hard to do one that’s not going to be obnoxious when I try to have conversations, but still allows me to quietly entertain myself…and I was beginning to despair that anybody would ever say anything to me about it…but we were talking about something the other day, and Brandi was like, “aww, that’s one of the things I missed about working with you–getting to hear the different accents.”

Finally! *triumph*
I’m pleased that someone noticed. And I think I can take her remark to mean that it’s not coming off as too obnoxious or too fake, which is exciting, since I’ve been listening very hard and talking to myself a lot in the car to be able to do it. I’m pleased to know that other people are enjoying it so it’s not just about entertaining myself.

(Not that this abrupt change in subject means that I’ve forgotten to be grumpy about only getting one day off…no…I’m definitely still grumpy…bah! I think I shall go to bed now and be grumpy still.)