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Woo. Double holiday weekend is over. That’s nice. Except that I am a little disappointed that I didn’t work today, since they give us holiday pay for President’s Day but not Valentine’s Day…bah.

And then Jester ambushed me with Valentine’s Day things when I pulled into my parking spot at work Sunday…and then I had to carry them into the theatre with me, which the two me’s were very conflicted about. The nicer me being all like this face with its giant, glistening eyes:

and Wolf me being in a huff because how are we supposed to carry an armful of flowers and keep our reputation with the staff? Literally all of the crew I passed wanted to ooh and make little gushy remarks…and on the inside my Wolf is shouting, “FEAR ME!” and straining to bite them. (*insert advertisement for my own special brand of crazy*)

Overall, things went much better than I anticipated. And as much as I am not interested in Deadpool, I am really excited for the end scene in that movie. You know. The one that comes after the credits and annoys all the theatre employees by keeping people in their seats longer so we have less time to clean…

It’s a good one though. I like the effect it’s had on our guests… *tries hard to not spoil it for any of you*
Ultimately, it’s helped us out a lot. I don’t think such a thing has happened in my years working at the theatre.

It was still a tiring weekend though, so I’ve spent most of today resting and reading. Plans with Toni didn’t work out, but we’ll try again for next week. And then I ought to be able to hand-deliver her invite to our wedding, since I don’t have her new address…

Speaking of wedding things…
I am trying to work with a lady to get some feather/silk flower arrangements instead of going with live flowers (too expensive), and the only colour I want to see isn’t pictured anywhere on her site…I tried to get her to send me a photo of something in that colour, and that was 10 days ago. She messaged me 5 days ago to say she hadn’t been feeling well and that was why she hadn’t gotten back to me, but still. That was five days ago.

Nice me wants to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she’s trying to catch up on the work she missed while sick, and maybe she forgot about us…and Wolf me says that’s no excuse. Customer service is customer service. We wouldn’t get that much slack from our guests if we were in a similar situation.

I don’t know. I will message her again and see what happens. (Just watch…I find out she’s died or something equally awful. x_x)

Wednesday, Jester and I are going to meet with a  photographer and talk about all of that…it is at the bottom of the list of things I want to do. Pester people via online messages? Sure. Go meet them and be social and try to keep the horror off my face whilst talking about $1000+ worth of pictures? Nope. Definitely nope. Especially as this person is Jester’s mom’s friend, and I feel like that means a certain amount of diplomacy will be necessary…which isn’t one of my strong suits, and which will be even more difficult since his mom won’t be with us after all.

Aaaand then she wants to meet us for dinner somewhat after our meeting with the photographer…and I didn’t really have a chance to run that by Jester, so he doesn’t know we’re doing that. I think he’ll be really pleased. *sarcasm*

I don’t waaaaaaaant to go out and do things and see people! -___-”

Anyway…I think I’m going to read for a bit and then go to sleep, now that I’ve listened to about 100 variations on Pachelbel’s Canon in D because that’s the one tiny request that Jester has asked if we could have in the wedding…

I’ve always found that song extremely upsetting. It’s pretty, I’ll allow that…but it has that special quality of calling to my mind all the ways in which reality is too ugly for such a pretty song to exist.