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Well, my raise is only 45¢ this year. Okay, I guess. It still adds up to about $60-70/mo extra, so that’s nice. And then when the raise kicks in at the end of this month, they also have to send me my back pay check because the raises count for everything that we worked starting on 1 Jan. It’s weird, but I suppose I’ll take it.
This week is going to be busy for me…I have paperwork sessions with new people and writing the crew schedule to do tomorrow, and then Wednesday I have interviews and *hopefully* I will have classroom training again Thursday. If not, we’ll have to do that next week. We’ll see.

I’m trying to help another one of the managers find a home for her mom’s kitty. Brandi’s mom passed away this winter, and she can’t take the kitty, and her sister threw the cat out of their mom’s house back when it was freezing out a few weeks ago…but the kitty came back and Brandi shut her back inside until she can find it a home. Poor kitty. 😦
The mom of one of my high school friends has worked with an organization that fosters animals though…so she’s made a posting for this kitty and told me she would let me know if anyone could take her. Fingers crossed…I hope that someone responds before Brandi’s sister sets the cat free again. 😡


People have started getting their invites, so that’s good. I feel bad though because I am kind of dumb and it never occurred to me that Jester didn’t get to see the invites before we mailed them… *cringes*
Next thing on my list is to get the last piece of attire for the wedding, and wait around for the bouquet lady to send me a photo of a mock-up she’s making based on my request. I genuinely hope that she does good work, because she’s taking FOREVER to respond to my messages, and I am 99.99% sure I want to buy from her…I just also want to know that she’ll get it done and shipped by when I need to have it. Ugh.


I went to see Toni today. We haven’t seen each other in months and months…and she’s still working at my old theatre, still dating the guy she was dating then (and whom I want to beat for treating her badly, but never do because she still likes him…). We talked about our cats and lots of theatre gossip…her getting her bank account info stolen…yikes. She still wants to be part of or wedding party, too, so that’s exciting. It’s nice to have a friend that isn’t clear across the country and who can be there for all of it. *pleased*
She says we shouldn’t let such a long time go by between hanging out, too, and that’s nice. I know she doesn’t like to be around people any more than I do, so for her to say that is pretty great. Yay having a friend. ^_^


Omg. Books…how are there so many of them? The other day when I went to the used bookstore, I found two books I’d been looking for, and used the money from selling my books to get one of them…but I didn’t get the second one because I wasn’t sure I wanted it…but…I did, so I went back today since it was on the way to Toni’s and got it…
Now I have 5 books that I want really badly to read, but I’m at a point in my reading of what’s already on my bookshelf where they’d fit in better with my reading list (of course all 5 are thematically linked) if I just put them off for…a few more months…
I’ve got, like, 8 books to get through before I’ll come to a break between books with demons or monsters or vampires and the supernatural. And then I can read my new books that I’ve been saving. *excited*
It’s weird though, wondering if *now* would actually be the better time to read them and if I might not be less interested if I wait…I think I will be though. Because these are all books that my Wolf wanted us to read, and if that me is interested in a thing it takes him a long time to forget about it. And this thing…he’s already been worrying at it for almost a year and a half, so I think it’ll be okay.
Although I say that knowing that three of the books I am looking to get through before I read these new ones are books that I’ve had for years and just not read yet because of my compulsion to read through everything I owned in order by the author’s last name. *rolls eyes* And then I hate the way my compulsions work out because while that seemed and still seems like a grand idea, I’m on authors whose last name begins with P right now, and all the new books’ authors’ names begin with B, C, or D. So…you’d think my brain would get upset that we missed them, but that’s not how it’s thinking…it’s more…we can’t go all that way back now, so we’ll keep going how we’re going, and if we don’t want to wait to get through the whole alphabet and then come back to them, then we have to wait for thematically similar books that are already on the shelf, and then we’ll squeeze these ones in, too…

It’s dumb. So dumb…

Anyway. I’ve got nothing else right now.