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My brain feels all mushy right now. I should learn to stop taking naps at, you know…10pm. But since I woke up at 230, that would be like a normal person taking a nap at, like, 130…? Right?


I don’t have anything particularly good to share today. Except maybe this conversation with my mom from when I was about to head off to work without taking a mug with me.

Me: I’m going now.
Mom: Oh, don’t you wanna take a cup with you?
Me: Oh yeah. I guess I do.
Mom: Which one?
Me: Umm…
Mom: I don’t think the rainbow one is dry yet.
Me: Ah. *disappointed*
Mom: Your Hitler mug is clean. Do you want to take that one, since you’re wearing your red shirt today? It matches you.
Me: Sure. Okay. -____-”

Should’ve just said I’d go with the eye-offending unicorns.


Just so we’re clear though: I do not have a Hitler mug. Although this is the same mug which last year my mom was really annoyed with me about and refused to wash with the other dishes. Because sometimes moms are disappointed with you about things that don’t exactly make sense…


*fills every blog post with errors in an attempt to not be taken seriously*

I’ve spent thirty minutes looking at this post because I’m trying to decide if I’m hungry or not, and for whatever reason, it seems to me that the longer I spend doing this, the more likely I will be to reach a decision…


*slowly dies from indecision*