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I keep hoping my to-do list will magically complete itself, but so far…no.

Still, I am content for today. I may not have gotten out of bed until almost 4pm, but I did do a lot of things from my list.

– Got little Easter candies for my family for later this month, because they seem pleased when I make these little gestures of goodwill…and who doesn’t like candy?

– Sent messages to try and head off some wedding nonsense amongst my sisters, and to make sure they understand that the bridal party isn’t just family members, and that my friend Toni will be a part of it as well. And Toni doesn’t have much money, so it’s important to me that my sisters not do something dumb and unintentionally ruin my friend’s budget…
Toni was the friend I posted about around Christmas who was trying to raise money to pay for her kitty, Derp, to have emergency surgery like my cat had to have…I don’t want to mess things up further for her if it can be avoided, especially after she got so excited about being invited. *shakes a fist at ridiculous sisters*

– More messaging with that lady about the flowers. I like them, but I want some kind of estimate on how long she thinks it would take to make and ship. Hopefully she answers my message soon…because I’m getting impatient…

– Messaging a high school friend’s mom about her offer to make decorations. I bought all the materials, so that’s done. I just need to know when to take them to her.

– Read the better part of a book that I haven’t read in yeeeears. Feeling conflicted about it because it’s really a great book…but I don’t feel too good about reading it and, like the narrator, also cutting back to memories that were so important to me at the time, but which now I feel completely disconnected from… I think I’ll be glad when I’ve finished this one and can put it away for a long time again.

– Filed most of my bills and statements. I need more file folders though…it’s obscene, how much paperwork one person can accumulate…

Basically, I did the at-home version of office work today. It’s dull, but I’m okay with that. I have social things to do on both of my days off next week…getting a haircut and meeting with church people on Sunday about the wedding…then on Monday I’m going to see Toni and probably go to film club at the university so that I can see a movie I’ve never seen and hope very much that I don’t say something that makes the students look at me like they think I’m being a troll…I swear, I learned my lesson last time!

And lastly…I took a picture of that unicorn mug so that Schnauzevoll can see that yes, it still looks pretty intense in real life. 😀