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I’m so disappointed with Google search engines. Not that they aren’t great at informing me about so many things that I never knew I wanted to know, and also introducing me to SO MANY THINGS that I could have lived happily not knowing…

No. Google is super helpful.
But they make their search terms private, so when people visit me through a Google search, I never get to know why they visited, and that makes me sad. I want to know why people are visiting me. 😦

Not all search engines are so conscientious about the questionable interests of their users though. Some of them tell me what terms brought them to my blog. Here are some highlights of why people have visited me since I migrated here from the dying planet, Xanga…

“genuine regard”
“what causes me to wake up with a bloodshot eye”

“I don’t know when to sleep”
“is Thomas Logotti married?”

“matrix idk”
“blutengel devil worship”
“keith bosleys kalevala”

“puiet crap 2016”

I find it amusing that these are the few searches that I am permitted to know about. But I’m SO CURIOUS about the 97 protected searches! Why do they visit me?! I must know! D:

Everyone gets to satisfy their curiosity but me, it seems. Bah.

In other news, I got the flowers and the remaining item for my wedding attire purchased. So that’s done.

And…I downloaded an album. Like, a whole album.
It’s weird, because I’ve grown accustomed to just downloading a song or a handful of songs here and there because I know I won’t listen to all of them and life is too short for music you don’t truly enjoy…but for this one, I’d already heard about half the songs on my Pandora music station, and I liked them, so I listened to the other half last night and was surprised to learn that I liked all but maybe one of them…

Congratulations, Pandora. You won me over. *looks suspiciously at the internet*
I never know how paranoid to be when computers try to know stuff about me. Especially when they turn out to be onto something…