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On one hand…I just want things to not be stupid annoying. Like my car. I like this car. I like it a lot. Buuuut…she has this little thing she does…this little, inexplicable tendency to STALL RIGHT BEFORE I TURN ONTO THE HIGHWAY.

This is the third time that has happened, which is really frustrating because the mechanic we go to hasn’t been able to pinpoint a problem that would have that result. So in the mean time, I’m just getting cleverer about how to turn the car off and back on without anyone noticing, and also increasingly likely to think that if Erika was an actual girl, I would like to give her a good slap for being dramatic at an inappropriate time…

And also: medication refills. I thought I was doing a good thing by calling in my refill a little early–I had fewer than 10 days of it left–so I wouldn’t forget and then be filling at the last minute, but after I stood in a ridiculous line to pick it up, I learned that I have to wait two more days before they’ll let me refill it. *bangs head against counter*

Welp. Alright. Let me just get back in the stalling car and go be late for work now with nothing to show for it. *growls*

Stupid annoying.

On the other hand–I was dreading teaching a training class for our two newest employees today, but it wasn’t so bad.
I can pretty much recite the dialogue for the videos along with the characters now, and I HAAAAATE that…but these two new employees are goofy, so they seemed to have a good time and that makes it easier for me to teach because they actually wanted to participate, and that’s great. It goes a lot quicker with participation because I don’t end up feeling like I’m talking to myself.

Also…there are two ridiculous employee pledges at the end of the second training slide show, and I’ve finally arrived at a point as a trainer where I can inspire the new people to raise their hands and recite the pledges in unison. *commence sinister laughter*

In my last group, one of my three trainees opted to do so while the other two were like “wth–no we’re not doing that”. This time I got both of them, so…yep. I knew I could make it happen, eventually…gotta do something to entertain myself after reciting the same five hours’ worth of information again and again…

Anyway, I should sleep now.