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I think I’m malfunctioning (and also beginning to suspect that I should get used to it since I do it so often).

My head had been hurting more and more often, which is disappointing. I rather enjoyed being one of those people who wasn’t prone to headaches. This time though…I feel…dizzy? It’s kind of weird. Disoriented, I guess. Like…I’m finding it difficult to hit the correct keys while typing (moreso than usual).


Maybe I’m feeling tired?
Is this what tired feels like? I can’t remember…

*tries to remember that good advice from two posts ago, about not overreaching and feeling superior…*

Huh. Well. I suppose I should go to sleep. I still have a check to write first, and I should probably wipe down my desk (I’m so ashamed…I’m a slob…I eat at my computer and get food all over and then let days go by before I do anything about it… *dies*) but then I will definitely sleep. Maybe. Or, maybe I will talk to myself for an hour and struggle to stay awake for literally no reason at all, as is my custom…

I’m not very good at personing. Can I maybe not be a person? Like…one time, Melody wanted me to be her pet rock. I could do that, maybe. *hopeful*

I really will go to sleep now. Or…try.