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I only have one more book to get through before I can start reading the ones on my bedside table, which I have been collecting since Christmas and waiting for the proper time to arrive… *such excite!*

In other news:
Omg. Batman vs. Superman. We had a staff screening Wednesday, so I stayed for that…there were some dopey moments, for sure…but it wasn’t terrible. I liked it a bit better than Man of Steel.
As far as superhero movies go though…I am looking forward to the new Captain America in May.

I hope I overscheduled us on staff hours for this week and we can cut shifts instead of be desperate to get more people in. Buuut…we’ll see. For a Thursday, today felt suspiciously like a Friday.

We were having a pretty entertaining shootout in the office again (because our boss lets us have Nerf guns), which ended when someone opened the door between the two rooms, and I saw Thabet was about to shoot me…so I shot him first. In the face. Because that’s what happens when I don’t aim and just react.
His gun had more darts though, so he got to shoot again before the door swung shut, and I got shot in the top of the head. It hurt more than I expected (we’ve had these guns for MONTHS and this is the first time any of my coworkers has actually shot at me), so I think I’ve learned my lesson: don’t shoot people above the shoulder.

And then, because we work in a theatre, Blair and Tyler started arguing about whether Han or Greedo shot first…they both have such LOUD voices for such an enclosed space…

I spent twenty minutes on the phone with a staff sergeant in charge of a guy that we’d hired, but who had failed to show up for three training shifts, and then got terminated and apparently told this staff sergeant that we terminated him because we scheduled him for shifts when he was out of town for something related to his army training, when that isn’t truuuuuuuue. *mimes a shot to the temple*
I liked that kid, but this situation is all kinds of dumb. Especially since it’s been going on for almost a month because of our GM being out of town for most of the month…bah. Also…who calls at 930 at night to talk to us about something like that??? -_-”

I took an antihistamine a few days ago because my sinuses just kept draining and draining and DRAINING…and I still feel tired. Ugh.

And furthermore:
I don’t know even know. Kind of feel dazed…like…a general sort of fuzziness. Like…I’m getting married in less than two months? Oh…
I have to move in less than two months? Erm…
I won’t be living with my cat and dog friends anymore? Meep… 😦
I’ll have to do grocery shopping or starve? Whaaaa? 😦 😦

Idk. It feels fake. Like, lol…jk…you’re doing nothing with your life. Like always.

Lastly and most importantly:
Why couldn’t I have been born a nicer, less stubborn person? I think Jester would be happier if that had been the case.

Instead…well. I’m me, I guess.

It sucks.