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I made it all through winter without getting sick, and now that we’re so close to spring and warmer weather…my sinuses just won’t stop draining, and my throat is getting raw and scratchy, and the raw and scratchy throat is tickling and making me cough, which is further agitating the rawness and making it worse and on and on and on.

Been drinking a lot of water and hot tea and soup and…spoonfuls of honey. Can’t tell if any of it is helping. (It isn’t.)

Also: what was I doing, listening to musically extreme metal bands when I was in college? Been deleting a lot of the remaining content from that brief and questionable period–so long Lengsel, Slechtvalk, Mirador…Winter Solstice…
Well, okay, not all of these bands are black metal, but still very hurty on the ears of most mortals.

I think I understand now why my family was temporarily against my getting a turn when we rotated through everyone getting a chance to choose a CD to listen to whilst we were on any vacation that involved a lot of driving.

…suppose I find myself deleting a bunch of music again in a few years? So long Red Army Choir, Royal Air Force Central Band! Goodbye, Heer and Wehrmacht Musikkorps!

Ha! *scoffs*

(psst…I have a suspicion…
do you suppose it’s possible that I am constantly appearing to concern myself with inane things because I can no longer bring myself to write about anything meaningful that is happening with me? I am concerned that this is so…which I guess doesn’t really matter…but…I can’t stand the idea, for instance, of writing about what I actually think about this whole business of getting married. Not because I have no thoughts about it. But…because I suppose I’m overly suspicious of myself coming off the wrong way about any of it. The easiest way to be inoffensive is to just keep quiet, right? So…I’m doing that, and not writing anything here. And just keeping the conversation going between me and myself–not ideal, I guess, since one of those me’s is my Wolf–but…idk…I find it difficult to assess my silence about it. Do I even want to write about it? Eh. I sort of do because it’s on my mind a lot. But it’s not a great idea to, lest I make a blunder of something I say, and Jester happens to read that post…
Much better to just write about my scratchy throat and questionable tastes in music, for sure.)