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Me: *poke* Hey. Let’s make plans and do things!
Wolf: Go away.
Me: *pokepoke* But it’s finally getting nice out and there are all sorts of things to be done! *runs around in little circles*
Wolf: Omg. No.
Me: Why are you so laaaaaaaame?
Wolf: Why are you so annoying?
Me: I’m adorable! See my evidence–

Wolf: That’s not you. And furthermore………that is not how having a cold works.
Me: Oh?
Wolf: Typically, one cuts off human contact and wallows in misery. I don’t know where you’re getting the idea to “make plans and do things”.
Me: But… the sun! 😀
Wolf: *snarls*

So, yeah. I have a cold. One where I am coughing a lot, and where some particularly violent sneezes resulted in snot coming out through my eye yesterday. On the upside though…my throat doesn’t hurt anymore. I just can’t breathe. I guess that’s an acceptable exchange, because at least I can speak and eat.

The worst part is the indecisiveness about how to behave whilst sick…because part of me is really feeling pretty good and motivated and wants to do all kinds of things and take advantage of the nice weather…and then there’s that other me, which is being a little more realistic about probably taking it easy and not making it worse…but which also wanted to close our eyes in the warm car this morning…

Wolf: It’s so warm…
Me: Yep.
Wolf: It would be nice to go to sleep…
Me: *violent headshake* OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Wolf: Hmh?
Me: You can’t just go to sleep while we’re driving!
Wolf: *sulks*

Ultimately, I ended up compromising and went in for a half day at work, and then came home and cancelled plans with Jester. But that’s what happens when, despite taking a full dose (instead of half doses) of Nyquil, I still only get 3ish-5ish hours of sleep for two nights in a row.  :/

Hoping to feel well again soon, since tomorrow will make it a full week that I’ve been sick. I didn’t start to feel really run down until yesterday, but…a week is plenty long enough to be sick, thanks…

I’ve also noticed a pattern when I’m sick, where for whatever reason, I end up reading books that are incredibly violent…I don’t plan for it to happen like that, but…there we go. Although this one is special in that I think I hate it. Not a passive dislike, but an active loathing…like…how did I ever think I would enjoy this? (I don’t remember, tbh, as this book has been sitting on my shelf, unread, for about 5 years now.)
It was weird to read though, because I recognize all these things that the author stole from, and I like those things…but all together…just…no.

It also gets first place now as the book with the most graphic violence towards women that I’ve ever read (that wasn’t for class).

Annoyingly graphic. Not sickening, because it’s hard to be sickened when the characters–especially the women characters–are one-dimensional, but annnnnnnoyyyyying because what’s the point to all this graphic violence if we’re not supposed to care about these women anyway? It’s just gratuitous and serves no purpose. Unless you like that sort of thing, in which case…we just have wildly differing tastes, I guess.

I won’t be reading it again, for sure. I’m just not sure that I want to resell it because it’s that needlessly bad. Which I’m annoyed by in a completely different way, too, because the pace and the flow of the writing was great. Just…bad character development that led to a bad plot.

But it’s over now. So I can bust out more violent books that I am already familiar with and which don’t offend me by letting all that suffering go to waste.