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I feel halfway better. Maybe. I’m feeling cautious about that…don’t want to get too hopeful. Work has the potential to knock me back down (as ever).

Still…I don’t feel as bad as yesterday, which I attribute to my 10 hour sleep. Because sometimes I just need to sleep. And sleep. And sleep more.

Also, to facilitate the sudden change of subject, here is a thing: Jester and I are getting married in 50 days. That is not a lot of days. *gulp*

I still have an unpleasantly long list of stuff to get done for the wedding.
– figure out how to start the application process for a marriage license
– schedule a time to get decorating supplies to this person who agreed to make them for us
– talk to the lady from the church about the room setup so we can make up seating assignments
– take Jester clothes shopping because he still doesn’t have wedding clothes
– figure out catering
– figure out cake situation
– get Toni a dress (or…take her shopping to find one at least)
– order lapel pins
– find a hair stylist
– find out what Jester has been looking at for a honeymoon, since I asked him to figure that part out
– give it another week, and then message the girl doing the flowers and find out when she expects to ship them…

And then practical, post-wedding nonsense, like when are we moving apartment units? and when am I even going to find time to start packing? -_-”

…can’t I hire someone to do this stuff for me? (Yes, but then you have to pay them.)


Well. I’m totally going to do something productive RIGHT NOW! At a quarter after 4 in the morning…

Just kidding.
I’m going to file some papers and pet the cat and probably start re-reading the first part of All Quiet on The Western Front. And then go to bed and feel anxious about all the stuff I haven’t done–OH YEAH. There is this other thing that’s pissing me off, and I almost forgot about it. 😡

The hospital where Comrade Doctor treated me…I paid them. I went in and explained to the billing lady about the situation, and I wrote them a check…and she said she couldn’t find my bill in the system, but they had updated databases since I’d been treated, but she assured me they would figure it out…

And today I received a check from the hospital for the EXACT AMOUNT THAT I PAID. Because they never found my bill and applied the payment, and so some idiot sent it back to me as an “overpayment”. RAWRGH.

For fuck’s sake–JUST TAKE MY MONEY.