I may have, at some point, made a joke about selling my soul so that I wouldn’t have to sleep anymore…

And the powers of darkness misunderstood me and thought I meant it. Or something. Because I guess I don’t need to sleep…anymore…?

Saturday night I left the theatre around 3am. Drove the half hour home and tried to eat and get settled for the night, but I don’t think I was actually asleep until 53oish. Woke up a little after noon on Sunday, so I only slept for about 6ish hours.

And then last night I tried to fall asleep at a “normal” time since I knew I needed to be awake early to open at the theatre this morning, but I don’t think I succeeded in being asleep until between 1130 and midnight…and then I woke promptly at 4am.

I tried for a while to get back to sleep, but…one knows when such a struggle is futile. So I just stayed up and messed about on the internet, reading different things…read more of my book and noticed scores of really horrible details that didn’t impress themselves very strongly on me either in high school or last winter when it occurred to Wolf me that we’d left unexplored a pretty vast category of sure-to-be-upsetting reading…

Good thing I don’t dream much these days, eh?

So, yeah…I’ve been awake ever since. And I am only just not beginning to feel like perhaps I could sleep. And maybe even STAY asleep.

Because, you know, Powers of Darkness…I was only joking when I said fascists never sleep. And also when I mentioned being a fascist. And also when I said that I never wanted to sleep again… (Huh. I tell bad jokes. Perhaps therein lies the problem?)


At least I got to see Toni today. I went to visit her after work, and it snowed on us and was obscenely cold when we went for a walk.

Wish me luck with this sleeping nonsense, yeah?