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My Wolf keeps coming back to the scene where someone has a hole in their back that’s so big you can see the lung puffing up and deflating again with every breath, and then he says to me, “didn’t we read something once where they were talking about some kind of medieval torture where they’d break ribs and draw the lungs out through the back to look like angel wings…?”

Wth. My memory of that angel wings passage doesn’t seem like something I read in a novel, so really…I have no idea where I read that (maybe I saw it on the History Channel?), or why I keep thinking about it. Blegh. Not okay, friend Wolf.
…he will probably not let it go until we have the opportunity to push that awful image into someone else’s mind. (Must save it for when work conversations get too ridiculous and I need to bring up something shocking to get everyone to change the subject.)

On the upside: I got a decent amount of sleep last night.

More good news (maybe): Youtube introduced me to a band called Darkwood, which I think I enjoyed some. Must listen to them some more when I’m not trying to write a schedule so I can make sure. (And also probably never use Youtube again for music when I’m at work, because then anyone who draws that site up later knows I was the last one to use that computer.)

Tomorrow I have…a quest. The kind where one must go from place to place collecting and exchanging items and then wonder what the point of any of it was in the first place. (j/k, there is a point to all the stuff I have to do…I just don’t want to spend the day driving about when I could just sleep all day instead.)

– Maybe I go to the used bookstore and find a copy of this book that wasn’t the abriged, retold for young readers version. Also, give them the stupid, abriged-for-the-youth book that I mistakenly bought from Amazon. And the book I mentioned recently that made me angry for all the misuse of narrative violence. Someone else can have it.
– Go to the bank.
– Drop off an invitation to Jester’s parents.
– Get cat food. (And then stop myself from going across the parking lot to the world market and looking for marzipan.)
– Drive up to a used clothing store and see if they will take some of my old dress clothes and shoes.
– Come all the way back home and go through the carwash because Erika is all grimy from driving through salt, and is now covered in grass clippings from when our landlord had some people out to cut grass and do landscaping around my theatre. One would think they’d blow off while we’re on the highway, but apparently not.

Now…time to go to sleep again. But first, maybe read more and find something to put the bit about lungs out of my mind so that I am not thinking about that whenever I have a coughing fit (which is about every three minutes). I like not being sick anymore, but I wish my body recovered more quickly from coughs.

Oh well.