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Quest was only partially successful. I left without taking any of the clothes I was trying to get rid of. Probably the rain put it out of my mind…it wasn’t until I was getting ready to leave the house that it started raining hard, with the wind turning it sideways and being annoyingly dramatic about it.

I wouldn’t’ve wanted to carry all of those things out to the car in that anyway. Perhaps I will try again next week.

Far worse is that I forgot I wanted to try and get all my tax forms filled out today. I’ve only got until this time next week to do it…looks like I know what I’m doing with all my spare time between now and then.

…this is what happens when I keep waiting on my dad because he keeps assuring me that he’ll get the forms we need, and then I finally find out that we’ve had them for weeks and that everyone else sat down together and did theirs on a day when I wasn’t at home. And then of course he’s misplaced the ones for me. And then nobody wants to help me with them because, now that theirs are already done, they’ve lost interest in the whole thing. *growls*

Yeeeeees, I know one can do them easily online. Except that after Toni got her bank information stolen through a tax preparation site, I don’t fancy using one.

And yes, I also know the forms tell you exactly how to fill them out…but…I’m pretty terrified about doing it wrong anyway and then having the government come after me because I’ve made an error and they decide to take it as me trying to not give them the money they’re owed or some nonsense. *exasperated*

Some good news though: I called the hospital’s billing department, and explained the situation with my not appearing in their updated system. The guy I spoke to found me in the system right away after I said that, and said that someone had made a note in that account that by the time they’d found it, the refund was already processed and in the mail back to me. He said that since I hadn’t deposited or cashed it, to just note the account on the check and send it back, so I suppose I shall do that.

Some things about books:
I finished reading my book again, and am disappointed with myself for how anxious I still was about the end. I know how it ends. There’s no need for that.

I did spend a long time puzzling about when we read it for high school. See…our teacher had painstakingly cut some pages from each book because they “weren’t appropriate” for us. As if the entire rest of the book was? *scoffs*

The section which I am certain was cut out was nothing compared with the majority of the book. I’m not altogether sure that I understand why it was removed. But… I think a second scene was cut out, and I can’t figure out what it was. Every time I’ve come across something and said to myself, “perhaps it was this…?”, my Wolf rolls his eyes because it can’t have been anything that was genuinely upsetting. They leave those bits in, don’t they?

…what a ridiculous question to contemplate asking someone from high school when one hasn’t spoken to them in years despite being facebook friends–“oh, hey, do you remember what parts of this book (which you probably didn’t even read) Mr. Harding cut out?” Bah.

But yeah, I finished that one and moved on to a short piece in my old Renaissance Lit textbook. And omg. Somehow we never really read much from Ben Jonson (because everyone is all like, “ooh, aah–Shakespeare ftw!”), but I’m pretty sure I just found something in this book that’s basically a racist Disney World stage show that was put on for King James.

It was a called The Masque of Blackness, and had pretty extensive notes about scenery and costuming and hair–all very Disney-like, with blue and green mer-people (and other characters in blackface…) and sea monsters and puppetry and mechanical waves–and the plot was about some African nymphs being upset that they’re black, and the moon goddess telling their father to take them to bathe in the waters off Britannia, because they have the power to turn one white…

Wth, Ben Jonson? I cannot even.
Perhaps I see why we didn’t spend much time with him.

I’m going to try and read through the poetry in my textbook though. See if there’s anything worthwhile that my professors neglected and which isn’t going to be…like that masque turned out to be. (I would have understood better if it had been cut out of a book.)

Cheers. I guess.