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Mmm. What do you give a friend for their birthday when they are always insisting that you should NOT give them gifts? Or pay for their food.

Idk. Toni’s birthday was yesterday, and I probably won’t see her for a little while yet…but I want to give her a birthday gift. I like giving people gifts. And I restrained myself and didn’t give her anything at Christmastime, so I feel like I wouldn’t be completely in the wrong here…

Must think more on that one.

Also, I am mighty pleased to have a work friend who’s made it through over a year without one of us getting transferred or fired or quitting (it seems the latter two usually happen to them).
I’m especially amused that everyone got used to the lack of Nazi jokes while he was on vacation…and then, within less than two hours of us both being on an overlapping shift, that is all done and he is disappointed that our new regional manager made a visit out to us and Mike took down the post-it notes about fascist cats…

I will have to remember to show him a thing I discovered on Amazon. It seems somewhat relevant to the sorts of conversations we have:

Yeah. That is a thing. (Because someone else out there recognized unicorns as potentially dangerous and capable of stabbing with their faces.)

On a more serious note, Jester and I are getting married in…43 days? Yikes. That’s pretty terrifying. And also, I am now getting a little anxious about this moving business. The having to wait until June 1 to switch units is a huge inconvenience…

*tries not to think too hard about it*


I haven’t packed a thing yet. (Nor considered what to actually do with some things…)


My cat is messing with something…

Aaaaand now I must find the stopper to a vodka bottle that I was keeping my coins in…he seems to have carried it off someplace. -_-”