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This is a lame post, but I am feeling pretty good about some things.

Work lately:

*finishes dealing with an angry guest for one of my crew*
Me: Omg. She needed to calm down.
Scout: Yeah. I figured I should give her to you…
Me: Me? Me specifically?
Scout: Yeah. I asked myself, “who’s the most vicious manager here right now…”
Me: *indignant* And it’s me, is it? Well.
Scout: Oh, definitely.
Me: *drawn out sigh*
Scout: *laughs* What?

I tried to find more hand soap in our janitor’s closet later on, and discovered I could barely squeeze into the room, as there were SO MANY boxes of chemicals–degreaser, glass cleaner, bathroom sanitizer–crammed in there. And then Mike and Corinne happened by and were watching me struggle…

Me: *outraged* Why are there so many boxes of chemicals in here? It will take us YEARS to use all of these!
Mike: Dunno. Brandi just went a little overboard on ordering.
Corinne: Maybe she thought each one she ordered was one gallon jug instead of a box of four gallon jugs?
*Thabet also shows up*
Mike: Yeah, maybe. I gave her some grief about it.
Thabet: Do you need help?
Me: Yeah. Hold this. *gives him a box and starts shifting more columns of boxes out of the way of the soap shelf*
Mike: I wished you’d been here to give her grief though.
Me: Oh?
Mike: You give better grief.
*Mike and Corinne scurry away to answer radio calls*
Me: I feel like I’m getting that a lot, today.
Thabet: Yeah?
Me: (I recount my conversation with Scout) I feel like I should be really pleased with myself. Like…something to write home about.
Thabet: But you live with your family.
Me: Alright. Well. I could keep a journal. *composes* “Mein Führer, you will be so proud! Only today someone has called me vicious–”
Thabet: *laughs* Nazi you is keeping a journal addressed to the Führer? I like it.

Buuut…actually, I am pleased. Not about being vicious or being particularly skilled in telling people off (I swear, I’m not actually any good at either of those things! I’m just, you know…paying for the particular attitude I’ve been encouraging people to have regarding me at work). But…we’re getting a new manager, and Mike’s assigned me to train her because I’m “particular” and I won’t forget to tell her things or skip important closing duties.

It’s nice to think that my boss has a good opinion of me, despite kind of failing to keep up with some of our payroll stuff and having to apologise and stay later on Fridays so that I don’t forget to get it done before the weekend is over…

Must go to bed now. I have to open in the morning, which I am sad about…but…after work, hopefully I’ll be stopping by with my old dress things at a place that will actually take them off my hands, and also getting a new band for my old-timey watch.
I am determined to get to where I can keep one of them running and actually wear it. I just need to get the band changed and set up the winder that I finally got….yay. ^_^